The Books are Coming!

I’ve finally published the first free book so I could have people swap out their emails for a free book – Problem – I’m having a hard time getting this set up without blowing the bank. As a teacher, we really don’t make a lot of money, so I’m doing my best with the very limited budget I get to work with. The great news is that I got the edits back from my editor with the main book I will be publishing here in the future. In the meantime, I’m trying to get the free book out so I can then tell everyone about the new book and when it’s ready to hit store shelves (so to speak). I even have a Companion book with the main book about ready as well so I’m nearly there. The early responses to the main book have been outstanding. I can’t wait to get this to print, but I want to make sure this book is completely clean and ready to go.

I’ll try to let everyone know if I’m finally able to get the email marketing thing together. The title of the free book is “Be An Autism Avenger”. It’s not on Kindle yet, but that will probably change soon. I apologize and I hope to get my act together soon! HERE’S THE LINK!!! Get the free book!


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