Relaxing Summer?

As a teacher, one would think that summers are what we live for. It sounds nice, but the reality is quite different. This summer in particular is going to be really busy. I have a college class to take for my degree, my wife is having serious problems with her arm and we found out she’s going to need surgery again. Both of our twin daughters graduated with their Masters. One in Portland, Oregon and the other here in Kansas City. The irony is we have to move one twin to Washington state as a Social Worker and the other from Portland might be coming home. I will say I’m very proud of the both of them because their both autistic.

The biggest thing of all about 2020 is the pandemic, something we haven’t seen in over a century. Now, once again, another law abiding black man is senselessly killed by a police officer. And the riots have begun. I remember the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles and the riots that followed. I know we want positive change and I completely agree. I teach in an urban school and several of my students are either black or hispanic. They are all great kids. I missed them when we were forced to teach from home…over 20 years and I’ve never had to do education this way. George Floyd’s brother stated something that everyone needs to do–vote. Get out and really let your voice be heard. Rioting will not solve the problem. Peaceful demonstrating will help but, the long term solution is to get people into positions that are willing to enact the changes we all want to see done.

All of this and we’re only finishing out the first week of June.


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