With the Fall comes change

Of course, the whole COVID-19 has made everyone’s world turn upside down but, there have been some changes for me and still more to come. This summer, I didn’t write one single thing. I realize that sounds a little surprising but, I had to step back. I will say I started creating print-on-demand stuff through Redbubble, Etsy, Tee Spring, Tee Public and Merch on Amazon. Have I made tons of money? No…but, it was fun to do. I won’t completely give up on it because it’s actually fairly easy. I will say I have been trying to get Weirdo 2.0 reviewed by book reviewers. Online Book Club might actually come through. I just got done speaking with Reedsy so here’s hoping they get their act together. I am eyeballing other reviews because I was finally able to release the book from Amazon KDP and had other ebook imprints sell the book – including Google Books! I did send a copy to Dr. Temple Grandin but, I haven’t heard anything back so I’m not sure of what she thought. There are a few books I need to wrap up but, I need my wife’s help.

As many of you know, I’m a teacher and our school district has decided to start with online learning for at least the first 9 weeks. I do have mixed emotions about this but, I believe this is just better to keep everyone safe. I started a new college course at a new college. I’m taking a Master’s course in Education Specialist…meaning, school leadership. This should take me 2.5 years and I’m ready. My ultimate goal is superintendent but, we’ll see how the chips fall. I still love to write, finding the window to do so is going to be the trick.


I completely realize that June is the official month of PTSD awareness and PRIDE celebration. I’m glad to see that these two important things in our society are getting their just dues. I’m not here to knock the PRIDE people or the PTSD folks, my beef is with my own cause…Autism. We’re now more than half way through the month and this really feels like a TRUE month long party or ‘active’ educating the public on these causes. So my question is…what the hell happened to Autism Awareness month back in April?!!!!! I’ve noticed each year, this gets less and less attention. The month starts out great with the international day of autism, but after that the flame goes out and the meager smoke snakes its way in the air. It’s not like we have just have a few organizations. Unless there is a renewed story line about the absurdity of immunizations causing autism in children again, we get put back on the shelf until next year.

If we really want to change and create a stronger voice then we need to look at the Pride folks. I have to give them all the credit in the world, they know how to get a message across and hold it all the way through the entire month! They have parades, guest speakers, news stories with educational material, flags, and lots of merchandise. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other social media sites pour out all kinds of Pride and PTSD information and affirmations. The bottom line is we need to do better. I’m not sure if we’re fighting hard enough or many in main stream media tend to ignore us after awhile. Are we afraid to come out of our own closet? Listen, the bullying at work or anywhere else will not stop until people understand our condition. The public needs to be educated on us and our disability. I just feel like our cause has lost a lot of its steam. The only thing that seems to stick out are charitable run/walkathons for autism. That’s great we do this, but it just doesn’t seem enough. Again, I believe we need to steal a page from the Pride group and fly those flags, have all of that memorabilia stuff on, have those parades; get famous people who have our condition to step forward and talk to the people like the Temple Grandin’s, Darryl Hannah’s, Dan Aykroyd’s! We’re getting a bad wrap and our situation is getting worse. Health care, Life Insurance, the Job Market, are just a few examples were we are losing the battle. We need to better plan and execute OUR time of the month!


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