2020…The End

It probably will go without saying that no one is happier to see 2020 go than most of the people in the United States. The pandemic, the election, unemployment, the lack of food, the highest number of hurricanes ever, and every in-between just seems so…unbelievable. The only really good thing I can look back and say is the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl 54! (Sorry, big Chiefs fan.) I will say that getting the book ‘Weirdo 2.0’ in print has been a dream of mine for a really long time. The best part is I am currently working on a new book for a new year! I did start college again for administration, just another year and half to go. Need less to say, I will be really busy for the new year, but I actually welcome it.

I have learned a lot after this year when it comes to writing, publishing and marketing in the literature world. My only enemy will be time. With the job, school and writing, this will be a test of my time management skills and making sure I get all of my responsibilities done. My wife will be working on her art and production of all the different things she can make. I will say I’m a little jealous on how well she does this. My wife is really talented. Once I have more material to share on the book, I’ll be happy to tease some of it’s content. In the meantime, if you haven’t picked up a copy yet of my current book, read through the reviews because they are honest and I had nothing to do with their comments. This was their opinion alone. So, pick it up today on almost any platform. As a reminder, please stay safe, I know we’ll get through this together. Just be careful and let the Lord be your guide. Here’s to 2021!!!!!

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The Interviews

I wanted to share a couple of interviews that I took part in for Readers Magnet and Literacy Titans. I have to admit that some of these questions really got me thinking.

You Have a Gift

NOV 14

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Christopher Wheat
Christopher Wheat Author Interview

Weirdo 2.0 gives readers the tools they need to handle a harsh boss along with information about autism. What inspired you to write this book?

In the book, I mention how impossible it was to sue the school district because I couldn’t find a defamation lawyer that would take my case. I really believed I was not going to let these people win, so that is what inspired me to write the book. I had kept all of the emails, letters, and recordings from that last year and beyond because I knew there was going to be something rotten, I just never thought it would have been that bad.

I appreciated the personal accounts you shared in this book. What were some ideas that were important for you to get convey?

The biggest thing for me to convey was, that I wanted any person who is living with a disability should never have to deal with abuse from others…especially at work! The most difficult part is when you have a neuro-deficient disorder, people will look at you and see no cane or wheelchair, so how can you be ‘disabled’? I want people to learn how important it is to advocate for yourself or you will constantly be beaten to the ground!

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

We’re all humans. None of us are perfect but we try to live our lives the best we can. Never let anyone else tell you that your worthless or you can’t do anything right. You have a gift, no matter what disability you may have. Use that gift and inspire others, because you never know who might be watching thinking they have nothing to offer.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have 3, believe it or not. One is about my mother-in-law who had journaled her USO trip to Iceland during the early ’60s and I found it to be really fascinating and I want to share it with the rest of the world. The other is a book about relationships dating and marrying a person with autism. The last book is about police and how they handle people with autism.


Interview with Award-Winning Author Christopher Wheat

by Christopher Wheat | Nov 9, 2020 | AuthorFeatured Book | 0 comments

What is your book all about?

When people don’t understand or like something or someone; they make fun of it. The book is about people with autism and the bullying they receive, especially on the job, when a leader/boss is discriminating just because of our differentness. Through my story, I cover all of the abuse I took because of my disability and walk the reader through the legal side of what happened to me and how I dealt with it.

What inspired you to write the book?

My passion for this book was very therapeutic and I know there are so many others who are dealing with similar situations. Not only did I write this for myself but most importantly for those like me who are currently going through what I did and don’t know what to do. Everyone deserves a fair shot at any job they were hired to work. I think people need to understand that, yes, there is discrimination in the workplace from race to gender but, those who have a mental disability tend to get lost in the unfairness of job discrimination.

What is your target audience for the book?

Any person who has suffered job discrimination for any reason. To those who have a mental disability and are fighting to be understood. To educators who may not realize how harsh and cruel school leaders can be to the ones their supposed to lead.

What do you hope readers get out from your book?

That no matter how bad your situation is, don’t ever give up. No matter how bad I was treated, I was able to move on and I found a new job and I’m really happy say I’m enjoying it.

What are your future goals/plans for the book?

Honestly, I’m trying to find a stronger voice to get the message out because that has been the hardest thing to do right now.


Awareness…very funny.

Here we are again. April. Autism Awareness Month. [Though I will preface with the bigger issue of the COVID-19 virus.] I’ve been getting those wonderful emails from Autism Speaks almost on a daily basis. I used to have some respect for the organization until the curtain was opened and we’re finding out that a huge amount of money is either going to the people that run the place or the scientists who are trying to find that magical cure to autism – which if you’ve been doing your homework…knows that this isn’t something you catch {like a virus}. I did my very best to push the book I wrote about how us workers who have the autism disorder {not disease} are being severely bullied by coworkers and managers on our jobs. On a $.99 book in the USA and UK, I sold a grand total of….1. Yep, I sold one book. I honestly have no idea why I crashed and burned. Heck, I even tried to get the work out to the people on the sub-Reddit of Aspergers and one of the moderators stated I broke the rules and was suspended for 3 days! No joke. I basically told them that ‘you wouldn’t be hearing from me on the book any more because so far I had just one purchase. It’s irritating when I read people’s testimonies about the bully issue at work but, aren’t willing to do anything about it. In the book, I don’t just tell my story, I tell you how the HELL to fight it!’ Any response from Reddit? No. I almost don’t want to read anymore from that sub-Reddit. By the way, back at Christmas time, I actually made the 1st version free. Not too many takers, but I thought it would get things rolling.

I guess I could just ask the question – Do we want the general public to be aware of our disorder or do we care about our own awareness? When I found out I had this in the summer of 2004, I wanted to know everything I could about my condition because I knew I was going to have to make some serious adjustments. I cared. I have a wife, children and I needed to know how to properly interact with them as their husband/father. This year really is a mood point because of the worldwide virus. As we move forward, all I can hope for is if those of us on the spectrum have issues, we need to learn all we can about our liberties and our rights – many of which can be found in books. Sad.

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