With the Fall comes change

Of course, the whole COVID-19 has made everyone’s world turn upside down but, there have been some changes for me and still more to come. This summer, I didn’t write one single thing. I realize that sounds a little surprising but, I had to step back. I will say I started creating print-on-demand stuff through Redbubble, Etsy, Tee Spring, Tee Public and Merch on Amazon. Have I made tons of money? No…but, it was fun to do. I won’t completely give up on it because it’s actually fairly easy. I will say I have been trying to get Weirdo 2.0 reviewed by book reviewers. Online Book Club might actually come through. I just got done speaking with Reedsy so here’s hoping they get their act together. I am eyeballing other reviews because I was finally able to release the book from Amazon KDP and had other ebook imprints sell the book – including Google Books! I did send a copy to Dr. Temple Grandin but, I haven’t heard anything back so I’m not sure of what she thought. There are a few books I need to wrap up but, I need my wife’s help.

As many of you know, I’m a teacher and our school district has decided to start with online learning for at least the first 9 weeks. I do have mixed emotions about this but, I believe this is just better to keep everyone safe. I started a new college course at a new college. I’m taking a Master’s course in Education Specialist…meaning, school leadership. This should take me 2.5 years and I’m ready. My ultimate goal is superintendent but, we’ll see how the chips fall. I still love to write, finding the window to do so is going to be the trick.


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