2020…The End

It probably will go without saying that no one is happier to see 2020 go than most of the people in the United States. The pandemic, the election, unemployment, the lack of food, the highest number of hurricanes ever, and every in-between just seems so…unbelievable. The only really good thing I can look back and say is the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl 54! (Sorry, big Chiefs fan.) I will say that getting the book ‘Weirdo 2.0’ in print has been a dream of mine for a really long time. The best part is I am currently working on a new book for a new year! I did start college again for administration, just another year and half to go. Need less to say, I will be really busy for the new year, but I actually welcome it.

I have learned a lot after this year when it comes to writing, publishing and marketing in the literature world. My only enemy will be time. With the job, school and writing, this will be a test of my time management skills and making sure I get all of my responsibilities done. My wife will be working on her art and production of all the different things she can make. I will say I’m a little jealous on how well she does this. My wife is really talented. Once I have more material to share on the book, I’ll be happy to tease some of it’s content. In the meantime, if you haven’t picked up a copy yet of my current book, read through the reviews because they are honest and I had nothing to do with their comments. This was their opinion alone. So, pick it up today on almost any platform. As a reminder, please stay safe, I know we’ll get through this together. Just be careful and let the Lord be your guide. Here’s to 2021!!!!!

Ilustrasi tahun 2021, libur nasional 2021.

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